For the 20th Congressional District of Florida in 2010!


Born in 1967, and raised on Irish rebel songs, Marc Luzietti comes by his radicalism honestly. He has been politically active since 1976, when, he began a petition drive to allow the parents of Karen Ann Quinlan the right to let their daughter die with dignity. Unfortunately, at the age of nine, Marc didn't know what to do with the signatures once he'd gathered them.

In college in Chicago, Marc began organizing against neo-Nazi and white power groups. During the 1980s, these groups were on the rise. In this he followed in the footsteps of his grandfather who organized against fascists in the 1930s. With others, Marc was able to drive the neo-Nazis off his campus. This in turn led to several years of anti-racist organizing at his school.

Interested in political science, Marc began studying the political history of Latin America. Learning about the U.S. government sponsored overthrows of Guatemala, Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Peru, El Salvador, as well as the invasion of the Dominican Republic, and the campaigns of terrorism carried out against Cuba and Nicaragua, Marc became convinced of the necessity to fight against American imperialism. He became a revolutionary socialist.

In 1990, Marc took part in tuition hike protests, after the university began raising tuition out of the reach of ordinary working people. Dismayed with the student government's sell-out of the student body, Marc was asked by several students to lead a new effort against the tuition hikes. Although he failed, the core group of students created would later take a leading role in the antiwar movement.

In August, Iraq invaded Kuwait. As soon as school began, Marc organized with his fellow students to created the DePaul Committee Against U.S. Intervention. DCAUSI in turn helped create a region wide student antiwar movement, and then a national student antiwar movement. In the city wide antiwar coalition, Marc argued passionately against conceding support for sanctions against Iraq. Unfortunately, his worst fears were proven correct as, over the course of the 90s, one million Iraqis died from sanctions, including half a million children.

In 1997, Marc joined the Socialist Party USA. The Socialist Party USA is the heir to the Socialist Party of America of Eugene V. Debs, Helen Keller, "Big" Bill Haywood, "Mother" Jones, Upton Sinclair, Bayard Rustin, and Margaret Sanger, among many other heroes of American history. It is a democratic socialist, multi-tendency party, advocating a broad-based, democratic social revolution from below.

Today Marc is secretary of the Socialist Party of Florida, the Florida affiliate of the SPUSA, and Chair of the Southeast Florida local. He also is an alternate to the National Committee of the SPUSA. He is active in the antiwar movement in Florida and a member of the Broward Anti War Coalition.

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