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Debbie and the Democrats Betray Their Supporters! Again!

I was born and raised a Chicago Cubs fan. I will be one 'till the day I die. I know what it's like to hope against hope, every spring, "This time for sure!" Most of us Cubbie fans, deep down, not only don't believe our own lies, but we secretly hope the Cubs will never win the pennant, let alone the World Series. If it actually happened, our whole self-image, built up over ninety years would be shattered. We wouldn't be lovable losers. We'd just be ordinary fans.

Being a Democrat is a lot like being a Cubs fan, except more pathetic. Unlike the Cubs, though, even when the Democrats win, they don't give their supporters any satisfaction. Despite generations of betrayal by the Democrats, the Democratic Party's rank and file continues to be loyal. The utter betrayal by Obama and the Democrats around the Employee Free Choice Act, which might have helped labor recover from its devastating loses over the last couple of generations, was ham-strung, by taking out card-check, and then sacked altogether. But Labor hasn't learned its lesson.

The latest House bill on health care "reform" is yet another in a long line of betrayals. Let's come out with the most damning bit first. As described in The New York Times, Nov. 9, this bill "would prevent millions of Americans from buying insurance that covers abortions—even if they use their own money...." How can women's groups continue to support the Democratic Party, when that party has not launched the most decisive attack on abortion rights since the Hyde Amendment was first passed in 1977? Of course, my opponent, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, voted to end abortion rights.

Some people will point to a few, small, sad changes which make the bill worthy of support. It removes anti-trust exemptions, and no longer allows insurance companies to refuse people with pre-existing conditions or dropping them when they are sick. That's pretty much it. Of course, if we went to a single-payer system, or better yet, a nationalized health care system, these wouldn't be problems at all.

This bill is bad. This bill is worse than bad, it's an abomination. From Healthcare - NOW!

  1. The bill leaves millions of people uninsured,
  2. Allows medical bankruptcies to persist,
  3. Criminalizes and fines the uninsured,
  4. Increases the number of underinsured,
  5. Does nothing to contain the sky rocketing costs,
  6. Blocks women from their reproductive rights,
  7. Transfers massive public funds to private insurance companies strengthening their control over care,
  8. Protects pharmaceutical companies' superprofits at patient expense,
  9. Fails to reclaim the 31% of waste in our system,
  10. Expands Medicaid without regard to the state budget crises,
  11. Discriminates based on immigration status and age,
  12. And sets up several levels of care covering less for those without the ability to pay. Those who have coverage will increasingly find care unaffordable and will go without. The whole system will inevitably fail from being fiscally unsustainable.

Anyone who cares about real health care reform in America needs to fight against this bill.

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